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              Kanseido Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer of various types of brushes. Is a factory that is confident in the quality of production for more than 29 years. Is managed under the ISO 9001 system, which is an international standard that businesses around the world value. For quality, excellence and the efficiency of operations within the organization.

          At present, Kanseido Co.,Ltd. is a factory that produces a variety of brush head types for sale to customers around the world such as Cosmetic Brush Heads, Painting Brush Heads, Writing Brush Heads , Dental Brush Head, and Cosmetic Brush Heads.


          In addition to the examples of products presented here We also produce brush heads according to the pattern that customers define. And ready to give advice and design new brush heads for customers who have confidence in our production capabilities, which have the expertise and experience of long-term brush manufacturing. If you are interested in our products, you can contact immediately.

Company History

       Kanseido Co.,Ltd. was established in Japan. HAGIHARA KUMANO-CHO  AKIGUN, HIROSHIMA,JAPAN Commenced operations in 1940


1940    Started manufacturing brushes from natural hair (animal hair)

1951    Stopped manufacturing during and after the war

1963    Started manufacturing again Manufactured brushed from natural hair using ready-made raw materials

1968    Manufactured cosmetic brushes from natural hair

1975    Manufactured cosmetic brushes from synthetic fiber

1980    Started manufacturing fountain brushes (lettering brushes and scripting brushes)




1990   Founded factory in Thailand to manufacture drawing brushes, painting brushes and fountain brushes (lettering brushes and scripting brushes)

1993-present   Started manufacturing cosmetic brushes from synthetic fiber 


  • Cosmetic Brush Heads 
  • Writing Brush Heads
  • Painting Brush Heads
  • Dental Brush Heads
  • Cosmetic Brush

Contact Marketing



  • KANSEIDO Co.,Ltd. Northern Region Industrial Estate 60/27 Moo 4 Tambol Banklang Amphur Muang, Lamphun 51000 Thailand

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