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Production process

• Step 1.Product Concept

       Can contact to obtain product samples or discuss ideas that will produce products at both domestic and international marketing teams.

• Step 2.Product design

      The product design team designs and formulates product samples to meet the needs of customers and sends products to confirm the order.

• Step 3.Incoming Inspection

      Sorting quality of raw materials Is the selection of quality raw materials before entering the production process in order to produce the products as specified and produce quality products Which will sort the quality of raw materials 100 percent every lot to be imported, stored in the warehouse always.

• Step 4.Formulation Development/Tester (คิดค้นทดลองสูตร)

      We have a team to create product formulas. In order to obtain product quality and quantity as specified by customers.

• Step 5.Quality assurance (การตรวจสอบคุณภาพสินค้าก่อนเข้าสู่กระบวนการผลิต)

      The Quality Assurance Team (QA: Quality Assurance) will randomly check the production formula to verify the correct and standardized production formula. Before using the production formula into the production process according to the customer’s order quantity.

• Step 6.Manufacturing Process/ Quality Control (ขั้นตอนการผลิตสินค้า)

      In the production process, every step has been checked continuously from the quality control team (QC: Quality Control) to inspect products that are not standard quality from the production process.

• Step 7.Quality assurance

      Quality Assurance Team (QA: Quality Assurance) will inspect the product before packing the product. In order to guarantee the quality of products that meet the standards set by the customer before delivery.

• Step 8.Delivery

Deliver quality products to customers.


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