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Kanseido Co.,Ltd

            Kanseido Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer of various types of brushes. Is a factory that is confident in the quality of production for more than 20 years in the production of brush products for sale to customers around the world such as Cosmetic Brush Heads, Painting Brush Heads, Writing Brush Heads, Dental Brush Head, and Cosmetic Brush Heads and the production of brushes, ready to use according to the customer’s design and ready to give advice and design new brush heads

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  • Cosmetic Brush Heads 
  • Writing Brush Heads
  • Painting Brush Heads
  • Dental Brush Heads

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  • KANSEIDO Co.,Ltd. Northern Region Industrial Estate 60/27 Moo 4 Tambol Banklang Amphur Muang, Lamphun 51000 Thailand

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